Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unpacking and Pricing ... and Paperwork

It was a busy day at Hedgehog Stitchery today and since it was my first time unpacking and reconciling stock with order with invoice I took a while at it. was pretty fun and I was savouring the time. I unpacked the fabric, accessories, hoops and organizers from Kelsea (good stuff, but not exactly exciting).

Next the envelopes a catalog from Carol of X-Calibre Designs in England can't quite wrap my head around it, and I am in the IT business, that it is so fast to meet new people, across the ocean, they then send you something through the mail that arrives just days later. (it is amazing, Carol has some great beginner stitching information, but even more fascinating Blackwork designs. I haven't done blackwork, but it is definitely in my list of growing new skills to learn.

On to the X's and Oh's charts which are now on display and ready for purchase at Hedgehog Stitchery. I am ecstatic that Joanne Gatenby of X's and Oh's will be a visiting designer for the Grand Opening on May 10th.

You know how there are vegetables, perhaps turnip, that come with that great meal. Not your favourite, but they have to be dealt with. Well, a letter from the Ministry of Finance came next. I couldn't avoid it any longer. Well, wasn't it the business license, so not bad. BUT... and this is unbelievable because there wasn't much paperwork, but two pieces had typos. The mistake this time was my last name. I was staring down at Vickie Hathog. I have been given a number of nicknames over the years, but I have never been, nor ever anticipated being called a hat hog! I guess I will be making a phone call on Monday.

We have a number of older books and magazines that are available in the store for reference or loan. So, I labeled a few more of those today.

Then, Scarlet Quince, with their oh so detailed designs. I just finished reading Girl with a Pearl Earring, so couldn't resist stocking that design. The designs come in two sizes of print, so if you need just a bit more help seeing they give the assistance we have all come to need after forty!

Finally, the package I had left for dessert....the Victoria Sampler. I was looking forward to the designs but also the accessory packs. They are gorgeous!

I did take a break during the day to take some photos, so here they are now, outside and in.

Kniterary, soon to be Kniterary and Hedgehog Stitchery
A Cross Stitch chart I found on line, by Kathleen Nelson, that I will stitch and hang in the shop. The fabric is ready and waiting on a lap stand from Hearthside Craftworks (a gift from my sister a few years ago).Hedgy is there to welcome anyone coming to the shop. Come on in and say hi to her (and give her a better name, if you will). If you email a suggested name to your name will be entered into a Grand Opening draw. I'll pick a name from those entered, not necessarily the name selected in the draw.

The fabric cutting table before the fabric was unwrapped. Now there is Aida, Laguna and Hardanger on the lower level. White and Antique White, but I can order for you . I will have a binder of more fabric than I ever thought possible!
Shelves with the beginnings of the charts and kits

Signs are on order to add Hedgehog Stitchery to Kniterary thanks to Martina at Kniterary, who will also be taking care of the day to day sales for Hedgehog Stitchery. I will be in the shop on Saturdays and for "It's Stitchin' Time" on Tuesday evenings (but if that is the Embroidery Guild night I will switch it). Together we can work out the classes, etc.


Wendy said...

How exciting! Opening up so many packages of cross stitch goodies must be like Christmas. The word is out...I was eager to let other stitchers at the Guild know about you!

p.s. We meet Wednesday nights.

kVicknits said...

What a relief. I am calendar challenged, and on top of it paranoid. So I started to convince myself that perhaps the guild meets on Tuesdays, and what had I done!

By the way, I have been working like crazy on the web site, so now there is a Newsletter page, too.

So, if you or anyone wants to receive the newsletter, you can just go on the site and click the "add me to the newsletter" link at the bottom of the page and I will add your email to the Newsletter list. Also, all newsletters will be on the web site at the same time if you prefer a more passive method of contact.

Thanks for spreading the seems to be spreading across the country and back again.

I am hoping to receive my Heaven and Earth order, Yarn Tree and Dinky Dyes order really soon. Wichelt, well, that's going to be every holiday wrapped into one.

And I contacted a few fabric places and hope to place orders with them this week. Have you ever stitched on speciality fabrics. I have seen it, and couldn't resist!

Thanks again for spreading the news, hope to meet you soon,

PS...spread the news. Hedgy needs a new name, and if you send one in (follow the links on the hope page or newsletter page)you will be entered into one of the draws for the Grand Opening.

Wendy said...

Hi Vickie~
I can't seem to get the links to work on your shop website...for name the Hedgehog, or the link to your e-mail for the shop itself.

I have a couple of names to enter for Hedgy! They are not very creative but I thought I would give it a try.