Sunday, April 6, 2008

Floss, Floss and More Floss and not a Stitch Sewn

The Wichelt order arrived, and with it 454 colours of 6 skeins each. They arrived in 6 bundles of 65 or 70 skeins, and since they are not in exact sequential order deciding how to sort and hang them efficiently took more thought than I had originally anticipated. With the help of Margo, a very good friend who is very excited about Hedgehog Stitchery (see photo) and Martina (sorry, no photo) more than half of the floss is hung.

Some beautiful fabric, a great assortment of charts and Mill Hill and other kits were all in the order and are being unpacked and priced. We are truly in business!

A little boy, I believe his name was Andrew and he is eight years old, visited the shop yesterday. He was a charming lad who helped to put some of the items in their places. The best moment came when he sang me a song from his school. It was a song about bullying, which my kids are too old to bring home these days, so it was interesting to hear. The best part was how melodic his voice was. I hope he visits again.


Wendy said...

Playing with floss sounds like too much fun! I can't wait to visit your shop :-D

Carol B said...

Vickie, because of you I finally broke down and chose an identity so I can leave comments. I have visited a number of blogs and never commented but I just have to tell you I am sitting here reading your blog and I'm teary eyed because I am soooo happy for you. You are making your dream come true, it's so awesome!!! Can't wait to see the shop. :)

Martina said...

Don't worry about having no picture of me!!