Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grand Opening Advertisement and the Stands are In

Here is the advertisement for the Hedgehog Stitchery Grand Opening and Kniterary's 2nd Anniversary.

The floss was all hung (on the pegboard with care) by end of day Sunday.

And the stands from Hearthside Craftworks are in and on display.
They will be available for order if you want one still in its box or if you are anxious you can take the floor model and we will order a new one for the store. We have some boxed lapstands available, good for sitting in an arm chair, so the stand on display is for display only. The quality of these oak stands is amazing. I am really going to like the table stand for use in the store because the chairs are more like a kitchen chair rather than a family room chair. The Mark 2 Stand is mouthwatering. I don't have photos here, but the line of scroll bars is beautifully made and easy to use, with large knobs.

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