Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Entrelac Scarf in Mille Colori

After the wonderful experience of the slouchy handwarmers in Mille Colori I wanted to try an entrelac Scarf. The anticipation paid off. The results are stunning! I purchased three balls, but will probably increaseit to four or five for an extra long lucious scarf. It is stunning! The pattern is written up and will be used in an entrelac class coming soon to Kniterary. Then it will be available for sale at Kniterary and on-line in Ravelry (I am going to figure out how making patterns available directly on Ravelry works). This may not be the best pattern to try it out on, since there are tons of entrelace scarf patterns, but it will be useful as an experiment.

Just look at how it shows off the colours!

I feel some entrelac handwarmers to complement the entrelac scarf coming on.

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