Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cows and Bats

Okay, so it is really Cowls and Batts.
The Leaf Cowl is knit, now I need to block it and Martina had a great suggestion of beens on the points of the leaves, so will take care of that shortly, work ends in and then block.

I am happy with it, but not super thrilled, but maybe beads and blocking will take care of that.

It was a good use of the handspun rope (knit on 12mm needles). Started on Boxing day as a mobius shawl on much too small needles, morphed to a mobius on larger needles, morphed to a cowl and leaf shawl with a winding vine that was not working, and finally became a cowl with a simple, shrinking leaf. Will be up on Ravelry when it is finished.

The first ply of The Sheep and Spindle (aka The Spindle Loft) Superwash Merino is finished. I am so happy (so far) with it. My husband made me two new whorls and bobbins for my spinning wheel to take it down from a ratio of 1:10 or 1:20 (he measured and did a calculation) to 1:5 ish (okay, so i wasn't paying attention to the detail). What a difference. I am not spinning rope anymore. I have time to draft (before I had to completely prepare the fibre to the thickness I wanted because the spin was so fast it just sucked it in). Will let it rest for the week (have been listening the Stitch It Podcast and Meghan mentioned this), so will give it a whirl. Meghan also had a great tip for the bobbin challenged (I have one of three sizes, no lazy Kate, etc. Which was the conversation that ended up in the measurements and the whorls and bobbins of different sizes). She uses her ball winder with a toilet paper cardboard (which I have dozens. Don't ask, just know that we have a large basket in the kids bathroom and I opened it up one day to realize it was FULL, and they had not reached the recycle bin) and winds the singles onto the cardboard. Then, takes the carboard out and uses the centre and outside pull at the same time to make a two ply out of one ball. I have knit out of the outside and inside to maximize a ball of yarn. So, I will see how plying goes. Wish me luck!

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Geri said...

Wow! Two posts in two weeks! Keep them coming.