Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spinning, boxes, quilts and candles

Spun 100gm of plain white merino. I toyed with the idea of dying it (either Kool-Aid or food colouring) and chickened out. I am having such a good time spinning yarn instead of rope that I didn't want to court disaster. Maybe I'll buy some fibre just for dying! I'll let it rest for the week and then ply it. If all goes well I will do a fairisle pattern with it and the superwash merino I spun a few weeks ago.

Here is the prototype for a wooden box that can hold a stitched item in the top. Looking good!

I go to the Needlework Festival twice a year with my Mom and sister. Occasionally my daughter or niece join us. Invariably my sister is looking through fabric for another quilt idea. And I get caught up in the excitement. But I am not a sewer, don't have a sewing room and unlike knitting or stitching that I can pick up and put down many times before finishing, when it comes to sewing I want to start and finish in the same day. So, after having fabric sitting around for a few years, a dear friend measured, planned, cut and sewed a frayed flannel quilt for me. It is GORGEOUS, she did a great job. I just need to clip and wash it. But that isn't stopping me from putting it on the spare bedroom bed!

During Sunday dinner, we noticed that one of the candles was becoming quite grotesque, while the other (you can see it in the background) was burning quite normally. It made for great conversation and prolonged the dinner hour (a bonus, when most days dinner is wolfed down and everyone is on to other things). As I commented to my son, sometimes a failure is a lot more interesting than a success! Wouldn't you agree!

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