Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hedgie is Finished

It isn't the only thing I have been working on but it is the most important thing, and the only thing I have taken pictures of.
Sans grass and backstitching, and then finished!

I will try her out in the new oak boxes that my husband made for the shop (and I failed to photograph). There may be a bit small, and it that is the case he will do a custom box for me.

What else have I been working on that I don't have photos of?

The ruffles shawl is finished. I'll take a photo tomorrow.

I stitched a "V" for the window at Kniterary and Hedgehog Stitchery to go in the "Love Letters" sign. Will get a photo next week.

I have the yarn to redo the felted bag. Am thinking this could be my Olympic project. Need to wind the yarn tomorrow and get the needles, pen, paper and camera ready.

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Geri said...

Congratulations on finishing Hedgie! (S)he's cute! I look forward to seeing her/him when I get back.