Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lady of the Roses is coming along and a war with the G Key and Memory

Hedgy fit in one of the boxes. The box is now being stained and I need to properly pad Hedgy and sew her onto the (hmm, what do you call that, the back thingy).

You will be able to see her in the shop soon.

Next weekend perhaps.

The roses and the greenery in the lower part of the lady are complete. I have moved up the skirt to the accents of the skirt and dress. The roses in the upper part are done in floss rather than wool. The lower roses were challenging, but now that they are finished and I am distancing myself from them they are looking okay.

Moving up the skirt it is hard to find where the directions are indicating to stitch (and it helps to avoid rework if I use the right colour the first time!) but I'm getting on. Didn't finish over the Olympics, but made a considerable dent. Not sure how much couch time I will get in the coming days... less than the past two weeks, to be sure!

I have had a computer malfunction. Since about November I was missing a key. Amazingly you can type without the key. Well, it finally donned on me that eBay would have spare keys. Got one, installed it Tuesday night. All was well. Either time was up on the computer or a small drop to the floor resulted in a very bizarre flickering freezing computer. If I am really gentle with it, coax it and no jiggling I can get the computer working. That means lap computing in front of the TV is out. Hrmph! I ripped it apart, dealt with a stripped screw, jiggled, wiggled, changed memory, etc. etc. It has been running all day, treated with kid gloves, and backed up the important files (I hope), so it is time to get another computer. Question - do i get a refurbed again and be thankful for 2-3 years for under $500, or do I get a cheapish new one and have it last, what 4-5 years, or do I go all the way with a more expensive new one and hope to get 8-10 years. Hrmph. Need to decide is depending on it.

After running out of back"issues" of some of my favourite podcasts I am now into books. I am listening to Jane Eyre, one of my favourites, from Librivox via iTunes. Driving a 1 1/2 hours to work each way, more in snow I am already at chapter 20 of 35. I am enjoying it, getting used to different voices for each chapter, and if this keeps up I may just sign up for Audible.

And finally, how about those Olympics. From a self-confessed addict, it was a great time! Nailbiting, unpredictable, enjoyable.


Geri said...

Get a cheapish new one. Anything beyond about 5 or 6 years is a veritable technique (as I write this on my workhorse of a 5 year old Toshiba laptop). On the other hand, I did just get a new hard drive and additional RAM for my PC and it's running like new for an outlay of only about $200.

I'm looking forward to seeing your completed Hedgie.

I'll be home on Thursday. I may even make it to Kniterary that night.

Geri said...

Oops - I meant a veritable 'antique'.