Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tiny Knitting

How do you fix tiny stitches? With tiny knitting needles. I thought at first that 1.5mm needles would be small enough to pick up the stitches of a machine knit top that a Kniterary customer brought in, but they were like fence posts. What next? I had cleaned out some knitting accessories while hunting down a knitting pattern for my new great-niece (hmmm, I have hundreds of patterns but would rather reknit a pattern I have used a few times already, but I digress) and had tidied up some pins that I use for blocking. Blunt ends, nice little heart to hold stitches and voila, tiny knitting needles!

I carefully pulled out the old stitches, back beyond the damaged area and then cast off in ribbing, carefully using a .75 crochet hook to help with the job. A light blocking job, looks pretty good, and after a few more washes I am thinking things will even up nicely. I didn't get photos, but double reading glass (one in front of the other) helped things along too.

Other works in progress, "Mom's Vest" is coming along. I will post some photos tomorrow. It looks pretty plain at the moment but by tomorrow it should be a completed back.

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pamnov said...

I still remember the day I visited the shop just after you repaired this sweater. What a beautiful, 'seamless' masterpiece you completed!