Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hardanger isn't so hard after all

I CUT MY FABRIC for the first time today, ever. This was much the same feeling as steeking for the first time. A little scary, then once you have done it, a little exhilarating and then addictive. I whipped through the wrapped bars and dove's eyes in no time!  This is for an ornament exchange. I don't mind if the girls see it, since the gifts are wrapped and pretty anonymous.  
The design is the free Winter Biscornu from Victoria Sampler. A very good design and perfect for first time Hardanger and first time Biscornu (technically second time, but I cheated in assembling the first one, so this is the first time I have truly assembled correctly.

Don't you just love the fall colours? I am finding that the rusts and golds and browns have struck my fancy this fall.

And look how far the Brown Beast has come lately. I have had a few days off from work here and there and stitched in the kitchen in the sun. Looking forward to reaching the top very, very soon


Geri said...
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Geri said...

You did a nice job on the Hardanger piece. It is scary to cut the fabric but as long as you're cutting perpendicularly to the stitching, it's fine. You've really accomplished a lot of stitching on the 'Brown Beast'. Keep it in the rotation and it'll be done before no time.