Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leaving Well Enough Alone

There are times you should just move on!

While laying out "the maze" I noticed there were a few sections that were enclosed, as in, you can't get to those lines, and if you were air lifted into those sections you couldn't get out. I was puzzled, referred to the diagram I had printed from the pattern, I had followed it meticulously. I moved on. 

Geri faved the maze blanket and then faved Wooly Thoughts original.  Side by side they looked different...but why?  I checked the original.

OMG....I had handed the 4 triangles to Kate, asked her to glue them together (totally unnecessary, now that I look at it, because there is a one piece complete drawing in the instructions!!!!).  She dutifully glued, and I dutifully knit, and for 103,584 stitches and countless views of the diagram I never asked myself about this. Not once.

The fact is, the 4 triangles could have been glued together in 6 possible ways.  Hmmm, I wonder what they each look like. But I digress.

Had I not been so terribly clever and knit the blanket all in one piece, I could simply unseam, rearrange and reseam. 

I will QA any future gluing. 

I am dizzy.

I will not think of this, I will move on. It is not perfect, it is unique. Man, is it ever unique!

Heaven help anyone who is airlifted onto this blanket.

I could steek it and cut it and sew it back together. Now that is really crazy!

On too socks and other things.

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Leslie LOL said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Don't you dare rip out a single stitch - it could be a parlour game - see if you can get stuck in the maze.....I will send the pictures of fishing for the pattern.....
and it is Unique - which makes it even more wonderful!