Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Maze is Finished, Birdhouses Stitched, Sampler of Teas Begun

The Maze is finished...the only thing I would have done differently is to work the last green and last black in the round. I decided to sew the seam rather than work in the round so that I could knit every row (purling over 1200 stitches seemed way too painful), but I should have explored a few more options and avoided that final tiny, not quite perfect seam.  But, it is finished, 23 days ahead of schedule. The "princess" declared "that's a nice blanket", and assumed ownership as soon as photos were taken over at Kniterary today.

 Cleo couldn't wait to try it out (she failed at the maze (she's no mouse), but she was quite successful at sleeping).

And now I am on to other things. I have photos of the Seasonal Birdhouses, finished a few weeks ago, ready for final finishing, but the blanket took precedence, so I think I will block it tomorrow and prepare for the edge.  Meanwhile, I started Sampler of Teas by Lisa Cowell. It is coming along nicely. The letters should be finished tomorrow, and perhaps even some of the teapots stitched.

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Geri said...

I wondered why yours looked a little different from the Amazement picture on Ravelry but assumed you had 'tweaked' the pattern for your own purposes.

Now step away and breathe deeply...