Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merlot Nuss - almost finished

After knitting three cowls and a hat (not shown...must take a photo next time I see my son) and finishing a skein of wool  (that I started in January!) , I made great progress on my Merlot Nuss. It is all put together and blocked, awaiting buttons.

Being cat blocked, as usual! I had to pause in my attempt to insert the second sleeve, awaiting a very cute incredibly adorable cat to wake up.

And here I thought I hadn't hadn't knit much in 2011!

I am torn between knitting up the newly spun yarn into another cowl (another one! yes, this one for myself) and finishing some stitching I started in early December. I didn't get it finished for this Christmas, but if I start now, I can stock pile for Christmas 2012.

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