Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hedgehog Stitchery has moved!

I am so excited to tell you we have finished our move
and the place looks beautiful.

124 Dundas St. W. 
Whitby, ON
L1N 2L9

Everything is on display - more than 250 additional pegs! 

No more digging through boxes to see the colours of the threads and wool.  

The fabrics are hanging now, so much easier to see and easier to get to. 

The Appleton tapestry wools are all catalogued and organized, so no more wool disaster. 

I couldn't be more pleased and I hope you will be, too. 
Come on in and check us out!

Not far from our old location

Friday, May 1, 2015

Moving Sale

Buy One, Get the next lower priced item FREE.

Sale is on until we move. The more you buy, the more you get.
This includes DMC Floss! (which will be 75cents after we move)
Fabric is 50% off if you buy over 1/2 a yard.

Come on in. Would love to see you. 

Monday, March 26, 2012


The Christmas Ornament I planned for December is coming along....slowly.
Small things are deceiving... don't be fooled. 80x120 stitches, is 80x120 stitches, and stitched over 1 thread, is actually more work than over is just simply harder to see.  Remember this, remember this every time you think small = fast. This has been a challenge, and will be very nice, and well received by the recipient (I hope)...once finished. It is my Sunday stitching....looks like some time in May when it will be finished, then I need to dive into my real Christmas Ornament exchange stitching, etc.
 But, remember this, small does not equal fast. 

Knitting.... the Simple Lacy Shawl from my previous post is finished, along with a complementary hat, which I need to block. Am also considering handwarmers to match. Have written the pattern, but need to test drive it.

And, the Frozen leaves shawl is coming the home stretch as each row grows. Hope to finish and block it by Saturday....ha, who am I kidding! Well, I still hope.

Stitching...fabric is on frames for Celtic Mystery Sampler and Stitching Studio's Frog, and fabric is cut and ready for the Picaso Cats and Spring Sampler.  But...I am a serial stitcher, and have to really force myself to start a few projects at a time, so will wait until the teeny, tiny, deceptive Christmas ornament is finished; and then I will start 3 or 4 at once.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Knitting Needles are NOT Disposable, WIPs and almost WIPs

Not disposable!
We were observing in the shop today how swiftly the knitting needle stock is depleted.
Which made me remark, "I wonder why? It isn't like they are disposable, one project only."  Then I contemplated my own recent purchases of needles. I have been knitting for many years, so I would think I had all sizes and lengths. My straight needles are in one location and organized and I rarely purchase more. I have multiple 4mm and 4.5mm, as DK is my favoured yarn weight.

However, I have been buying a number of  circular needles lately, especially 5mm. The only thing I can think of is that I don't have as firm visual grasp of how many needles I have of a given size, plus they come in such a variety of lengths.

So, today, I pulled out (almost) all of my circulars. (not including the multitude I have inherited and that I dip into when I am desperate, and am publishing here.  This list will be easily accessible! YEAH!

Notice a little problem - the number of DUPLICATES! I had no idea!

Size Length Type
1.5mm 60cm Addi
2mm 120cm Addi
2.5mm 80cm ChiaoGoo
2.5mm 100cm Addi
3mm 40cm Aero
3mm 60cm Addi
3mm 80cm Aero
3mm 100cm Addi
3.25mm 65cm Aero
3.5mm 80cm Addi
3.5mm 80cm Addi Lace
3.75mm 40cm Aero
3.75mm 40cm Aero
3.75mm 60cm Aero
3.75mm 60cm Aero
4mm 75cm Aero
4mm 80cm Aero
4mm 120cm Addi
4.5mm 40cm Clover
4.5mm 40cm Aero
4.5mm 40cm Aero
4.5mm 60cm Aero
4.5mm 80cm Aero
4.5mm 80cm Addi
4.5mm 100cm ChiaoGoo
5mm 40cm Addi
5mm 60cm Clover
5mm 60cm unknown
5mm 60cm Addi
5mm 75cm Addi
5mm 80cm Aero
5mm 100cm ChiaoGoo
5.5mm 75cm Aero
5.5mm 80cm unknown
6mm 40cm ChiaoGoo
6mm 60cm Aero
6mm 80cm Addi
6.5mm 75cm Clover
7mm 80cm Aero
8mm 40cm Addi
8mm 80cm Aero
8mm 100cm Addi
9mm 80cm Aero
10mm 80cm Aero
12.5mm 100cm Susan Bates
15mm 75cm Aero

Projects Underway:
-- Frozen Leaves (mine is named Summer Leaves owing to the colour): moving well, but slowly now, as the triangles grow. This pattern is by Anusla in Ravelry. 

-- Simple Lacy Shawl: because I was tired of figuring out how to work the yarn in my own pattern and it just wasn't cooperating, so, I am teaching it a lesson by making it be something else (it is forest green Manos Silk Blend - no idea why the camera makes it look turquoise). This is a wider version of the Wave-Pattern Shawl by Cecily Glowik in Vogue Knitting on the Go Shawls Two

-- Beaded purse: dug that out from over 4 years ago. Time to work through that (and recall exactly what I was doing). I picked it up part way through the week and promptly dropped a stitch. Yeah! Dropping a stitch in the middle of beaded knitting! I ripped it back ans started over. I am almost as far as this photo shows, but really made me ponder if lifelines are possible in such fine knitting. Oh well, it isn't a giant project. (I have to look up the designer here)

-- Pomegranate Shawl: the design I am working on, I made one last year with offwhite handspun.  but now is the time to formalize it (photo of my sample shawl). Am also working on an idea for a cowl that morphs into a shawl of the same design. Charted it out last night, now just have to experiment on the needles in the coming weeks.

-- Noro Shawl: another design I am working on, thinking of deep lace triangles/diamonds or another design I am working on (no photo yet). Will move this along once I finish a few of the projects above.

- Finishing: Bird houses Bell Pull - need to block, finish the edges and hang (Xs and Ohs)
- Finishing: Tea Sampler - need to block, finish and get a teabox made to frame it (Lisa Cowell)

- Next Christmas: I didn't get the stitching finished that I had planned for, so a 1 over 1 piece will be a priority (for a gift). You can see the top of the design started here. it is a Blackberry Lane Designs  from Just Cross Stitch Christmas edition 2011.

-Ornament Exchange: I didn't make anything for the ornament exchange this past year. This coming year, I am determined to rectify this situation. To be determined.

- New Start: Spring Sampler - definitely want to get this on the frame by Stickideen von der Wiehenburg

- New Start: "Book Mark" design that I am thinking of using to make a case for my Kindle. The design is by Cross Eyed Cat
- Celtic Mystery Sampler by Ink Circles. I really like these samplers, it uses only 8 colours. If I get a few of these things on frames I can work them a bit each week.

I think this list is long enough that I had better not start anything else!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merlot Nuss - almost finished

After knitting three cowls and a hat (not shown...must take a photo next time I see my son) and finishing a skein of wool  (that I started in January!) , I made great progress on my Merlot Nuss. It is all put together and blocked, awaiting buttons.

Being cat blocked, as usual! I had to pause in my attempt to insert the second sleeve, awaiting a very cute incredibly adorable cat to wake up.

And here I thought I hadn't hadn't knit much in 2011!

I am torn between knitting up the newly spun yarn into another cowl (another one! yes, this one for myself) and finishing some stitching I started in early December. I didn't get it finished for this Christmas, but if I start now, I can stock pile for Christmas 2012.