Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cross Stitch Stockings

I didn't manage to get the stockings into the shop, but here is a photo of the stockings I made 15 years ago, when Katie was born (Don't ask me how I had the time with a newborn, all I can say is determination!). I made the stocking out of quilted fabric and made a cuto fit the design each person chose. Dave's was a mixture of designs as was Kate's. Mike's and mine were designed specifically for stockings and I believe Jim's was from designs.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

November 8th - Hardanger Class

In honour of the 1 month anniversary of the class :)

(okay, I just got around to it, connecting the cable to the camera, to the computer and making sure the battery is alive and well is lots of work!)

Thanks Joanne for a wonderful class!

Photos of a successful and happy group of hardangerers.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Models in the Shop

After a long gap, I am getting back to blogging.

Marj and Wendy have generously provided models for Hedgehog Stitchery. We are showing "Take Time to stitch and Take Time to Knit" from Jeannette Douglas, and special Stitcher's Habit design, both from Marj. Since I took these photos Marj has provided some hallowe'en treat as well. I will put photos of these up next week.

Wendy has provided stitched samples of Teresa Wentzler, Butternut Road, Blackbird designs

And what is on my needles, at the Trillium Embroidery Guild Esther lead us through stitching and making name tags! And I have begun to stitch the Seasonal Birdhouses from Xs and Ohs, a design that will always be pleasant hanging anywhere. It is coming along nicely, and is one of those nice modular pieces where progress is easily tracked.

Kniterary and Hedgehog Stitchery will be at Sheridan Nursery on Sunday from 6-8 for the Ladie's Christmas night out. Thanks to Marjorie for representing Hedgehog Stitchery, as I have had to leave town on business.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blackwork Finished, Blackwork Class

I have finished the blackwork sampler.... and it is at the shop .... and I didn't take a photo (will do that on Saturday and post a photo). This technique is great for big things, small things, any colour (not just black), so for the blackwork class on December 13th, we will do an item that can be used for decoration or a gift tag. It will work up quickly and you will learn blackwork. It is so fast and fun you will likely be able to finish it in the afternoon. Photos to follow!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blackwork Fun and Success

I have finally attempted blackwork, successfully. I have had the fabric ready for a while but hadn't taken the first stitch. After stitching for just a short while, I am hooked!

With cross stitch you see exactly what you are doing and the stitches look correct right away. With blackwork, the stitches don't look right until you have finished two passes. It is a challenge to stitch the first pass and keep track of where you are. I found that if I concentrated too much on the stitches I actually had a harder time keeping on track. But, there is a rythm, so if you just go with the rythm, and not what the stitch looks like, it all falls into place. The return route is fast and easy because you see are basically following the same path, but backwards.

This is a fast stitching method, that has amazing potential. In just the few minutes after taking this photo I had the return path of the outside edge stitched (see the "dotted line" vs. the solid line on the left, it is now all a solid line).

The next step is to put some flowers in the centre and then I am looking for something that will look nice in the corners.

To finish this piece off I think I will trim and then fray the edges.

I used Carol Leather's Blackwork Instructions. It was an excellent introduction to blackwork.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

X's and Oh's Models are leaving on Saturday

The X's and Oh's models have been displayed proudly at Hedgehog Stitchery since before the opening in May. They have been so wonderful to have in the shop and have both brightened the shop and inspired stitchers. Drop by before they leave on Saturday morning!

The good news is that a some great local stitchers will be displaying their pieces in the shop! I will post them as they come in, and you will have some new designs to look at.

Currently we have some Jeannette Douglas designs stitched by Marjorie and a Mirabelia stitched on Sugar Maple Fabrics by Melinda. Geri and Wendy will be bringing designs in, and well, you can always check out the "Brown Beast" in progress.

Lot's of photos to come as the models arrive.

See you soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

UFOs are making me CRAZY - or How I spent part of this week and weekend

UnFinished Objects (UFOs) drive me crazy after a while, the way they hang around staring at you, creating a pile. I have been starting things to experiment, but there comes a time when you just have to finish some of them. So I tackled the Victoria Sampler needle roll for September. Now I have to wash it, block it, hem it, back it, sew it, put ribbon on it and stuff it (hmmm, am I really almost finished?)

I knit up one of the face/dish cloth for the Run for the Cure, so I'll be posting that on Ravelry with a link for anyone who wants the pattern and wants to make a donation.

My mother in law started a floral gobelin for my husband in 1978 (I still have the post marked envelope). She got a few inches done and in the late 80's she passed it along to me to complete. I completed all of the flowers in 1993/1994 (or there abouts, because I was on maternity leave and had great daylight to work from. My daughter is almost 15! now). So now, I have pulled it out and brought it to the shop to work on on Tuesday nights at "It's Stitchin' Time". It is good mindless (mindnumbing) work. Four shades of brown to complete. It has had coffee spilled on it and cat hair clings to it in places, but I am sure when it is stitched and washed and blocked all of that will be a hidden part of its history. My goal--- complete it in 2008! (The photo on the far right, and the gobelin link are actually from web sites, and the design is still available!)

So, now there is just the Hedgehog that was started in March (? or April), and the blackwork that I started experimenting with, and....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Run for the Cure

I am cheating for the moment and using part of my knitting blog in my stitching blog. Will actually get to my stitching blog today as I am in the shop and will be able to take some photos and do some stitching today!

I have designed two dish/face cloths (depending on the weight of yarn you use) for the Run for the Cure. Full instructions are available at Kniterary and Hedgehog Stitchery and the proceeds will be put toward my team - One Degree of Separation.

If you aren't in the Whitby area click on the images and you should be able to print the image. We will use the honour system, please go to Run for the Cure and make a donation to Vickie Hartog in Toronto. Thanks in advance for any donations. And, please, if you do make a donation and don't mind, let me know by responding to my blog to let me know.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Victoria Sampler, Hedgehog and Blackwork

I am making great progress on the September needle roll from Victoria sampler. I have been working on it on Tuesday nights at "It's Stitchin' Time" at Hedgehog Stitchery.

I also made some progress on the Hedgehog this Saturday while watching the shop.

And, I have been reading Carol Leather's blackwork instructions. Amazing! I will start working on a sampler once I finish the Needle roll.

And Mrs. Tiggy Stitch, Miss Henrietta Hedgehog and Prickles have been joined by Spike. (Thanks Leslie!). Don't mind Cleo and Guinness, it seems they can't resist a new resident

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Hedgehog Stitchery Class and Newsletter and the hedgehog formerly known as Hedgy

The very first Hedgehog Stitchery class took place on Saturday. It was appropriately a beginner stitching class and we all learned something. The students learned not just about taking the first stitch, but taking the steps needed before taking the first stitch. In many cases it wasn't the first stitch for the students, but rather about alternatives for knowledge already learned. For one student, this class was the first time she had stitches, so we all celebrated her first stitches.

I am finding that I want to share so much knowledge that I am not getting to the hands on fast enough and giving students enough time to practice. Of course anyone who takes a class can come in for folllowup instruction, but my preference would be to get through the basics and try each of the skills while in class, and still provide the follow up. So, in future classes I will time things more precisely! (I promise :) )

It was a busy week after the Grand Opening The news of Hedgehog Stitchery is spreading further afield. Thanks for spreading the word. And if you would like a newsletter, just drop me a line at newsletterAThedgehogstitcheryDOTcom. A new newsletter has been posted and a product special is on the HedgehogStitchery web site. Specials will be posted there with plans for a particular product on line of products to be featured each month.

Finally, Hedgy has a new name and new friends. She is Henrietta Hedgehog and is joined by Mrs. Tiggy Stitch and Prickles. Thanks to everyone who participated in the naming it was a lot of fun, with many excellent names, that were narrowed down by an experienced panel of judges (i.e. my fabulous friends, who have successfully name a lot of children)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Celebrate - Grand Opening May 10th

The Grand Opening went wonderfully!
Thanks to everyone who visited the shop. It was great to meet so many stitchers and to get to know more about what you are interested in. It was also great to meet so many people who are interested in starting to stitch. The Beginner Class next Saturday is going to be fun to teach, I am sure.

Joanne of X's and Oh's and
Carol of The Stitcher's Habit
were wonderful to talk to and provided additional advice.
We are so fortunate to have such kind experience at our fingertips.

It was a bit of a whirlwind and looking back over the photos that I took, I didn't get many photos of you, mostly because I was talking to you and getting to know you.

Thanks for the flowers and gifts, also. It was so thoughtful and brightened up the shop even more (a few photos are missing, I'll add them soon)

Geri, I have to confess, I was hoping one of your hedgehogs would find it's way into the shop, but was thinking of a loan. Thanks so much! I now have two hedgehogs to name, which makes it that much easier, because I have a problem making those final decisions, so I can now have a tie! Their names will be posted on Monday!
(This also explains my large stash!

And here is a photo of some of the knitters who came to Kniterary to celebrate their Anniversary. Now there's a happy bunch!

I have posted some photos on the Hedgehog Stitchery home page, and here is a link to a
the full set.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Grand Opening Saturday May 10th

We have been busy getting ready for the grand opening tomorrow. It was taking forever to come until about two weeks ago, when it picked up speed like a runaway train.

Almost every order that I placed has arrived, and the store is packed. If I get a chance I will post pictures tomorrow morning before heading over to the shop.

So many of you have said how nice it is to have a stitching shop in town, so please do come in. And if I don't have something, just let me know, I can find it and get it for you.

Thanks Martina, for the vision of expanding what is available at 229 Brock St. North and helping me to add Hedgehog Stitchery to Kniterary.

Thanks to the many designers and distributors, especially Helen of Hearthside Craftworks, Joanne of X's and Oh's, and Carol of the Stitcher's Habit; for enthusiastically getting me off the ground. Your advice and participation has been unbelievable. Stitchers are wonderful giving people indeed.

Thanks to my family and friends for their enthusiasm, support and encouragement. Thanks,Teri, for excusing me as I duck out of baby showers to run get models; and for cheering from a distance, Wendy, the flowers are stunning, I'll post pictures as soon as I can. And, yes Dave, the new dinner hour is 7pm!

And thanks Jim, for painting, putting up peg board, running to get tables and chairs, desks, etc.; and for kissing me good night, even when it is closer to good morning.

You have all helped to make a dream come true.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

CreativFestival and Models, Lots of Models

I visited the CreativFestival, as usual, with my mom, sister and friend. It has been a tradition spring and fall for years, with my daughter and my sister's daughter occasionally accompanying, but not this year, for various reasons, including school for one and living in Calgary for the other!

That is where usual ended and stitching shop proprietor started. I met up with Joanne and Bill Gatenby of X's and Oh's for the first time in person. It was wonderful to say the least. True to form, Joanne made sure that I knew of others at the show who I should meet, including Laura at Enchanting Lair, so now I have some of her designs, fabrics and models in my car, soon to be in my m carrying her designs and will have models in the store; and, Northern Pines designs where I chatted there for a while and decided to contact again after the show, to get connected to carry their designs. I was able to get some books for the store, as well, so they are in the shop already.

I also met with Melinda at Sugar Maple Fabrics who generously drove out to the show to drop off a model of a Mirabilia Mermaid on her Ocean fabric in opalescent.

On Sunday, Martina and I visited the CreativFestival again to get stocked up in designs and models from X's and Oh's and the models from Enchanting Lair, so while they broke down their stands I filled up my bags. Once the models are in the shop I will take photos and post them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grand Opening Advertisement and the Stands are In

Here is the advertisement for the Hedgehog Stitchery Grand Opening and Kniterary's 2nd Anniversary.

The floss was all hung (on the pegboard with care) by end of day Sunday.

And the stands from Hearthside Craftworks are in and on display.
They will be available for order if you want one still in its box or if you are anxious you can take the floor model and we will order a new one for the store. We have some boxed lapstands available, good for sitting in an arm chair, so the stand on display is for display only. The quality of these oak stands is amazing. I am really going to like the table stand for use in the store because the chairs are more like a kitchen chair rather than a family room chair. The Mark 2 Stand is mouthwatering. I don't have photos here, but the line of scroll bars is beautifully made and easy to use, with large knobs.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Floss, Floss and More Floss and not a Stitch Sewn

The Wichelt order arrived, and with it 454 colours of 6 skeins each. They arrived in 6 bundles of 65 or 70 skeins, and since they are not in exact sequential order deciding how to sort and hang them efficiently took more thought than I had originally anticipated. With the help of Margo, a very good friend who is very excited about Hedgehog Stitchery (see photo) and Martina (sorry, no photo) more than half of the floss is hung.

Some beautiful fabric, a great assortment of charts and Mill Hill and other kits were all in the order and are being unpacked and priced. We are truly in business!

A little boy, I believe his name was Andrew and he is eight years old, visited the shop yesterday. He was a charming lad who helped to put some of the items in their places. The best moment came when he sang me a song from his school. It was a song about bullying, which my kids are too old to bring home these days, so it was interesting to hear. The best part was how melodic his voice was. I hope he visits again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More stock has arrived!

Martina emailed to say that many boxes had arrived today. So, I just had to stop on my way home. The Wichelt order has arrived, as had The Stitcher's Habit, Wild Threads, Heaven and Earth Designs and the Stitching Studio. WOW! Five in one day. I didn't have time to put everything out, but I did check through the packages and am very pleased with the variety and the quality. I will be in the shop on Saturday stocking and would love it if you dropped in the see how we are coming along.

I have placed an order for hand dyed fabric with Sugar Maple Fabrics. I am really looking forward to seeing the fabrics. They will be in before the Grand Opening, which will be fantastic. With any luck I will start to stitch a design with one of them. It is so difficult to decide which to stock, but I will carry photos of all of them, so you can either purchase what is in the shop or order and if you like what you see you can purchase it.

Don't forget to go to rename Hedgy

More photos to come this weekend.
See you soon,

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unpacking and Pricing ... and Paperwork

It was a busy day at Hedgehog Stitchery today and since it was my first time unpacking and reconciling stock with order with invoice I took a while at it.

PLUS...it was pretty fun and I was savouring the time. I unpacked the fabric, accessories, hoops and organizers from Kelsea (good stuff, but not exactly exciting).

Next the envelopes a catalog from Carol of X-Calibre Designs in England can't quite wrap my head around it, and I am in the IT business, that it is so fast to meet new people, across the ocean, they then send you something through the mail that arrives just days later. (it is amazing, Carol has some great beginner stitching information, but even more fascinating Blackwork designs. I haven't done blackwork, but it is definitely in my list of growing new skills to learn.

On to the X's and Oh's charts which are now on display and ready for purchase at Hedgehog Stitchery. I am ecstatic that Joanne Gatenby of X's and Oh's will be a visiting designer for the Grand Opening on May 10th.

You know how there are vegetables, perhaps turnip, that come with that great meal. Not your favourite, but they have to be dealt with. Well, a letter from the Ministry of Finance came next. I couldn't avoid it any longer. Well, wasn't it the business license, so not bad. BUT... and this is unbelievable because there wasn't much paperwork, but two pieces had typos. The mistake this time was my last name. I was staring down at Vickie Hathog. I have been given a number of nicknames over the years, but I have never been, nor ever anticipated being called a hat hog! I guess I will be making a phone call on Monday.

We have a number of older books and magazines that are available in the store for reference or loan. So, I labeled a few more of those today.

Then, Scarlet Quince, with their oh so detailed designs. I just finished reading Girl with a Pearl Earring, so couldn't resist stocking that design. The designs come in two sizes of print, so if you need just a bit more help seeing they give the assistance we have all come to need after forty!

Finally, the package I had left for dessert....the Victoria Sampler. I was looking forward to the designs but also the accessory packs. They are gorgeous!

I did take a break during the day to take some photos, so here they are now, outside and in.

Kniterary, soon to be Kniterary and Hedgehog Stitchery
A Cross Stitch chart I found on line, by Kathleen Nelson, that I will stitch and hang in the shop. The fabric is ready and waiting on a lap stand from Hearthside Craftworks (a gift from my sister a few years ago).Hedgy is there to welcome anyone coming to the shop. Come on in and say hi to her (and give her a better name, if you will). If you email a suggested name to newsletter@hedgehogstitchery.com your name will be entered into a Grand Opening draw. I'll pick a name from those entered, not necessarily the name selected in the draw.

The fabric cutting table before the fabric was unwrapped. Now there is Aida, Laguna and Hardanger on the lower level. White and Antique White, but I can order for you . I will have a binder of more fabric than I ever thought possible!
Shelves with the beginnings of the charts and kits

Signs are on order to add Hedgehog Stitchery to Kniterary thanks to Martina at Kniterary, who will also be taking care of the day to day sales for Hedgehog Stitchery. I will be in the shop on Saturdays and for "It's Stitchin' Time" on Tuesday evenings (but if that is the Embroidery Guild night I will switch it). Together we can work out the classes, etc.