Sunday, April 27, 2008

CreativFestival and Models, Lots of Models

I visited the CreativFestival, as usual, with my mom, sister and friend. It has been a tradition spring and fall for years, with my daughter and my sister's daughter occasionally accompanying, but not this year, for various reasons, including school for one and living in Calgary for the other!

That is where usual ended and stitching shop proprietor started. I met up with Joanne and Bill Gatenby of X's and Oh's for the first time in person. It was wonderful to say the least. True to form, Joanne made sure that I knew of others at the show who I should meet, including Laura at Enchanting Lair, so now I have some of her designs, fabrics and models in my car, soon to be in my m carrying her designs and will have models in the store; and, Northern Pines designs where I chatted there for a while and decided to contact again after the show, to get connected to carry their designs. I was able to get some books for the store, as well, so they are in the shop already.

I also met with Melinda at Sugar Maple Fabrics who generously drove out to the show to drop off a model of a Mirabilia Mermaid on her Ocean fabric in opalescent.

On Sunday, Martina and I visited the CreativFestival again to get stocked up in designs and models from X's and Oh's and the models from Enchanting Lair, so while they broke down their stands I filled up my bags. Once the models are in the shop I will take photos and post them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grand Opening Advertisement and the Stands are In

Here is the advertisement for the Hedgehog Stitchery Grand Opening and Kniterary's 2nd Anniversary.

The floss was all hung (on the pegboard with care) by end of day Sunday.

And the stands from Hearthside Craftworks are in and on display.
They will be available for order if you want one still in its box or if you are anxious you can take the floor model and we will order a new one for the store. We have some boxed lapstands available, good for sitting in an arm chair, so the stand on display is for display only. The quality of these oak stands is amazing. I am really going to like the table stand for use in the store because the chairs are more like a kitchen chair rather than a family room chair. The Mark 2 Stand is mouthwatering. I don't have photos here, but the line of scroll bars is beautifully made and easy to use, with large knobs.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Floss, Floss and More Floss and not a Stitch Sewn

The Wichelt order arrived, and with it 454 colours of 6 skeins each. They arrived in 6 bundles of 65 or 70 skeins, and since they are not in exact sequential order deciding how to sort and hang them efficiently took more thought than I had originally anticipated. With the help of Margo, a very good friend who is very excited about Hedgehog Stitchery (see photo) and Martina (sorry, no photo) more than half of the floss is hung.

Some beautiful fabric, a great assortment of charts and Mill Hill and other kits were all in the order and are being unpacked and priced. We are truly in business!

A little boy, I believe his name was Andrew and he is eight years old, visited the shop yesterday. He was a charming lad who helped to put some of the items in their places. The best moment came when he sang me a song from his school. It was a song about bullying, which my kids are too old to bring home these days, so it was interesting to hear. The best part was how melodic his voice was. I hope he visits again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More stock has arrived!

Martina emailed to say that many boxes had arrived today. So, I just had to stop on my way home. The Wichelt order has arrived, as had The Stitcher's Habit, Wild Threads, Heaven and Earth Designs and the Stitching Studio. WOW! Five in one day. I didn't have time to put everything out, but I did check through the packages and am very pleased with the variety and the quality. I will be in the shop on Saturday stocking and would love it if you dropped in the see how we are coming along.

I have placed an order for hand dyed fabric with Sugar Maple Fabrics. I am really looking forward to seeing the fabrics. They will be in before the Grand Opening, which will be fantastic. With any luck I will start to stitch a design with one of them. It is so difficult to decide which to stock, but I will carry photos of all of them, so you can either purchase what is in the shop or order and if you like what you see you can purchase it.

Don't forget to go to rename Hedgy

More photos to come this weekend.
See you soon,