Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Hedgehog Stitchery Class and Newsletter and the hedgehog formerly known as Hedgy

The very first Hedgehog Stitchery class took place on Saturday. It was appropriately a beginner stitching class and we all learned something. The students learned not just about taking the first stitch, but taking the steps needed before taking the first stitch. In many cases it wasn't the first stitch for the students, but rather about alternatives for knowledge already learned. For one student, this class was the first time she had stitches, so we all celebrated her first stitches.

I am finding that I want to share so much knowledge that I am not getting to the hands on fast enough and giving students enough time to practice. Of course anyone who takes a class can come in for folllowup instruction, but my preference would be to get through the basics and try each of the skills while in class, and still provide the follow up. So, in future classes I will time things more precisely! (I promise :) )

It was a busy week after the Grand Opening The news of Hedgehog Stitchery is spreading further afield. Thanks for spreading the word. And if you would like a newsletter, just drop me a line at newsletterAThedgehogstitcheryDOTcom. A new newsletter has been posted and a product special is on the HedgehogStitchery web site. Specials will be posted there with plans for a particular product on line of products to be featured each month.

Finally, Hedgy has a new name and new friends. She is Henrietta Hedgehog and is joined by Mrs. Tiggy Stitch and Prickles. Thanks to everyone who participated in the naming it was a lot of fun, with many excellent names, that were narrowed down by an experienced panel of judges (i.e. my fabulous friends, who have successfully name a lot of children)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Celebrate - Grand Opening May 10th

The Grand Opening went wonderfully!
Thanks to everyone who visited the shop. It was great to meet so many stitchers and to get to know more about what you are interested in. It was also great to meet so many people who are interested in starting to stitch. The Beginner Class next Saturday is going to be fun to teach, I am sure.

Joanne of X's and Oh's and
Carol of The Stitcher's Habit
were wonderful to talk to and provided additional advice.
We are so fortunate to have such kind experience at our fingertips.

It was a bit of a whirlwind and looking back over the photos that I took, I didn't get many photos of you, mostly because I was talking to you and getting to know you.

Thanks for the flowers and gifts, also. It was so thoughtful and brightened up the shop even more (a few photos are missing, I'll add them soon)

Geri, I have to confess, I was hoping one of your hedgehogs would find it's way into the shop, but was thinking of a loan. Thanks so much! I now have two hedgehogs to name, which makes it that much easier, because I have a problem making those final decisions, so I can now have a tie! Their names will be posted on Monday!
(This also explains my large stash!

And here is a photo of some of the knitters who came to Kniterary to celebrate their Anniversary. Now there's a happy bunch!

I have posted some photos on the Hedgehog Stitchery home page, and here is a link to a
the full set.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Grand Opening Saturday May 10th

We have been busy getting ready for the grand opening tomorrow. It was taking forever to come until about two weeks ago, when it picked up speed like a runaway train.

Almost every order that I placed has arrived, and the store is packed. If I get a chance I will post pictures tomorrow morning before heading over to the shop.

So many of you have said how nice it is to have a stitching shop in town, so please do come in. And if I don't have something, just let me know, I can find it and get it for you.

Thanks Martina, for the vision of expanding what is available at 229 Brock St. North and helping me to add Hedgehog Stitchery to Kniterary.

Thanks to the many designers and distributors, especially Helen of Hearthside Craftworks, Joanne of X's and Oh's, and Carol of the Stitcher's Habit; for enthusiastically getting me off the ground. Your advice and participation has been unbelievable. Stitchers are wonderful giving people indeed.

Thanks to my family and friends for their enthusiasm, support and encouragement. Thanks,Teri, for excusing me as I duck out of baby showers to run get models; and for cheering from a distance, Wendy, the flowers are stunning, I'll post pictures as soon as I can. And, yes Dave, the new dinner hour is 7pm!

And thanks Jim, for painting, putting up peg board, running to get tables and chairs, desks, etc.; and for kissing me good night, even when it is closer to good morning.

You have all helped to make a dream come true.