Sunday, July 20, 2008

UFOs are making me CRAZY - or How I spent part of this week and weekend

UnFinished Objects (UFOs) drive me crazy after a while, the way they hang around staring at you, creating a pile. I have been starting things to experiment, but there comes a time when you just have to finish some of them. So I tackled the Victoria Sampler needle roll for September. Now I have to wash it, block it, hem it, back it, sew it, put ribbon on it and stuff it (hmmm, am I really almost finished?)

I knit up one of the face/dish cloth for the Run for the Cure, so I'll be posting that on Ravelry with a link for anyone who wants the pattern and wants to make a donation.

My mother in law started a floral gobelin for my husband in 1978 (I still have the post marked envelope). She got a few inches done and in the late 80's she passed it along to me to complete. I completed all of the flowers in 1993/1994 (or there abouts, because I was on maternity leave and had great daylight to work from. My daughter is almost 15! now). So now, I have pulled it out and brought it to the shop to work on on Tuesday nights at "It's Stitchin' Time". It is good mindless (mindnumbing) work. Four shades of brown to complete. It has had coffee spilled on it and cat hair clings to it in places, but I am sure when it is stitched and washed and blocked all of that will be a hidden part of its history. My goal--- complete it in 2008! (The photo on the far right, and the gobelin link are actually from web sites, and the design is still available!)

So, now there is just the Hedgehog that was started in March (? or April), and the blackwork that I started experimenting with, and....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Run for the Cure

I am cheating for the moment and using part of my knitting blog in my stitching blog. Will actually get to my stitching blog today as I am in the shop and will be able to take some photos and do some stitching today!

I have designed two dish/face cloths (depending on the weight of yarn you use) for the Run for the Cure. Full instructions are available at Kniterary and Hedgehog Stitchery and the proceeds will be put toward my team - One Degree of Separation.

If you aren't in the Whitby area click on the images and you should be able to print the image. We will use the honour system, please go to Run for the Cure and make a donation to Vickie Hartog in Toronto. Thanks in advance for any donations. And, please, if you do make a donation and don't mind, let me know by responding to my blog to let me know.