Tuesday, August 19, 2008

X's and Oh's Models are leaving on Saturday

The X's and Oh's models have been displayed proudly at Hedgehog Stitchery since before the opening in May. They have been so wonderful to have in the shop and have both brightened the shop and inspired stitchers. Drop by before they leave on Saturday morning!

The good news is that a some great local stitchers will be displaying their pieces in the shop! I will post them as they come in, and you will have some new designs to look at.

Currently we have some Jeannette Douglas designs stitched by Marjorie and a Mirabelia stitched on Sugar Maple Fabrics by Melinda. Geri and Wendy will be bringing designs in, and well, you can always check out the "Brown Beast" in progress.

Lot's of photos to come as the models arrive.

See you soon.