Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Argyle Socks

Where has Vickie been? I've been doing a bit of finishing off; a lot of working; and enough knitting and stitching to make me happy but not ecstatic. There just hasn't been enough time.

I wanted to share a project I am particularly pleased with. Madison and her parents came into Kniterary in the spring looking for modifications to Highland Dance socks. With some searching we found an online store that sells the wool and pattern; and after taking delivery of a kit my turn came to knit the socks. They have been a great challenge and a skill building exercise (I knit intarsia in the round for the first time) and they are very near completion. With a fitting on Saturday and if all looks good, finishing the toes and blocking, Madison should be dancing up a storm in her Royal Blue Menzies very shortly. I will get a photo of her all decked out and post it as well.

As a treat for me, Madison even showed me some of her dancing on one of her first visits.