Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A bit of This and a bit of That

A bit of knitting, some stitching and a hardanger class

Here is the promised photo of Madison in full dress...Royal Blue Menzies. We were entertained by a fling with the available music. Madison got a workout by dancing to a very fast "The Holly and the Ivy".

Hmmm, does that shoe look a little small. Apparently the shoes are designed to be smallish, so the foot curves nicely for the dance. Ouch!

The Hardanger class was held on November 7th, attended by 6 students who worked very hard.

Thanks again Jo, from X's and Oh's for coming down from Tweed to treat the class to another wonderful class.

Thanks to Jim (Martina's Jim, not my Jim) for another stitching sample in the shop. Amazing level of detail!

And, I have figured out (it wasn't that hard, just took about half an hour) how to make my designs available for sale up on Ravelry, so no more waiting for me to email and process paypal!