Monday, March 22, 2010

Gardening, so to speak

I was gardening today in my kitchen and ended up with some beautiful roses in a basket. Not bad for one day of gardening! I set out to stitch for just a few hours, but then wanted to finish all of the roses. Well, then I figured I may as well do the leaves as well! Next step will be to stitch the basket highlights and move on up to a rose the young lady is holding. then, more of her dress and a door and the tree over hanging her head. It is coming along nicely.

I did a bit of knitting on "Mom's Vest" although I haven't taken an pictures yet. It is from Manos wool silk.

I haven't been spinning lately, but realize my "knitting/spinning room" aka son's bedroom will soon be used for its alternate purpose and I will shuffle things around again. So, I pulled out some fleece and did a bit of spinning on Friday and Saturday. With the slower whorl and a merino/silk blend it is amazingly fine (which also, as it turns out, means that it takes a whole lot longer to spin than the rope i was previously making! simple math!)

The Finishing Class at Kniterary last Saturday and this past one was successful with four completed sweaters (two shown here, the light coloured one is the model). Yes, they do look posed pointing at something ("Hey", says Whitey, tugging at the sleeve of Bluey, "look over here to my left!"). It is because the left sleeve is a box sleeve and the right sleeve is a raglan sleeve!

And, just for good
measure, here are pictures of the cats. One to my left, the other to my right, as I sit and knit. What more could you ask for!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hmmmm, where do the days go. Catching up

Hmmmm, I wonder who one this hand. Okay, I know I shouldn't be so competitive, but it was a great hand! We played cards with friends a couple of weeks ago. It is always fun and there seems to always be one remarkable hand to laugh about.

Hedgy is finally framed and boxed. She looks wonderful and can be seen in the shop....probably Saturday. The inside is quite generous, room for pretty well anything, either stitching stuff (scissors, thread, patterns, etc.) or other items, trinkets, etc.

Hand warmers to go with the Pebbles Scarf are finished. I have a ball remaining and will be lengthening the scarf with it. It will be very squishy. I am thinking it is time for a new winter coat, so next winter I'll see if I can get a coat to match the scarf and hand warmers. Hmmm. should I add bottoms (with buttons? perhaps) and a hat. Hhhhmmmmm. Let's think about that.

I have been working on a vest design for "Mom's vest" - not my mom, but one of our Kniterary customer's Mom's vests. And more on the Lady of the Roses stitching, but that has slowed down since the Olympics are over.