Monday, April 5, 2010

Mom's Vest (not you Mom, another Mom)

And finally some interesting photos of "Mom's Vest". It is coming along nicely. The back is nearly complete, just a few more inches to go and then on to the left and right front which will be worked simultaneously, only one cable each. And nice tidy stocking stitch that will curl a bit (on purpose) for the armholes and if all goes according to plan either rib and some stocking stitch to finish the front edge, or just stocking stitch. (Will need to see how the front looks before deciding).

This is worked in Manos del Uruguay silk merino on 4.25 mm needles, by the way.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tiny Knitting

How do you fix tiny stitches? With tiny knitting needles. I thought at first that 1.5mm needles would be small enough to pick up the stitches of a machine knit top that a Kniterary customer brought in, but they were like fence posts. What next? I had cleaned out some knitting accessories while hunting down a knitting pattern for my new great-niece (hmmm, I have hundreds of patterns but would rather reknit a pattern I have used a few times already, but I digress) and had tidied up some pins that I use for blocking. Blunt ends, nice little heart to hold stitches and voila, tiny knitting needles!

I carefully pulled out the old stitches, back beyond the damaged area and then cast off in ribbing, carefully using a .75 crochet hook to help with the job. A light blocking job, looks pretty good, and after a few more washes I am thinking things will even up nicely. I didn't get photos, but double reading glass (one in front of the other) helped things along too.

Other works in progress, "Mom's Vest" is coming along. I will post some photos tomorrow. It looks pretty plain at the moment but by tomorrow it should be a completed back.