Monday, May 24, 2010

Finishing ... and there's a needle down there

What a week. Many weeks work has culminated in:

(a) finished Mom's Vest -
it turned out beautifully,
even if I say so myself

(b) Lady of the Roses - wonderful weather at the cottage meant many stitching hours.

Enough to finish the basket, hat, ribbons, leaves and touches here and there. I thought I would be able to make a significant dent in it this weekend, but didn't think I would get completely finished and

While removing some misplaced stitches with my needle...poing...the needle flipped out of my hand and into the water. Luckily it was the smaller needle, so i could continue with the larger one. I have special needles in the shop for removing threads to make it unnecessary to use your stitching needle to do so and have lovely beads on them, which make it less likely that you will lose the needle in the process of removing threads....must remember to put one of these in my bag!

(c) Florida Sunshine shawl is finished, just needs to be blocked. This is a pattern Gail aka Nightsongs from Ravelry

Considering there have been many busy work weeks, I am surprised at how productive it has been.

And some lovely sights at the cottage and at home, that make everything more enjoyable:
My favourite things: Poppies, dragonflies and the chairs at the dock.