Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brown Beast, Spinning and Felted Bag

I have been focusing on the Brown Beast and making great progress. I am determined to finish it in the next 6-12 months. Haven't done the math lately, you know, the one where you calculate how many stitches are left. That can wait until I am working on the last page of the graphs. Sundays are for stitching, so if I don't have too much unplanned work from The Job, I can get quite a bit done. On the other hand, if I am on calls and mostly waiting I can get a few rows done if I don't have to count.
This is what it looked like in May 2008. And, while I thought I would progress faster, I am pleased with where I am now

What else have I been doing. Spinning! Trying out the various bobbins Jim made me last year. It was great to slow the wheel down and be able to improve my drafting skills. I am not spinning rope any more, and with this gold and green I am ready to make a beautiful scarf with a small leaf pattern.... one of my favourite patterns. I have a long way to go before I am consistent and good at spinning, but I am liking the results a lot more. The dyed fleece is from The Black Lamb. And, when I have a quiet Sunday with things going well I will make a trek out there for more. In the meantime I have some mohair / merino from Romni Wools from many years ago when I first was introduced to spinning. It is good to practice on and with 250 grams if I lose a few to experimentation I still have enough for something.

And, finally, working on the felted bag pattern, with the attached i-cord that you knit straight off of for the next rows. Here are a few photographs that I will use in writing up the pattern. Basically, you knit the base, with some short rows to create an angle, then make attached i-cord, but wrap the yarn around the needle before knitting a row, so you have the next row already on the needs. It makes a very loose row, but from the prototype the felting takes care of the extra large loops. I hope this one works out the same!