Sunday, December 18, 2011

Potato Chip Spinning (credit to the Knitmores)

I had places to go and people to see, quite literally, but my spinning wheel was looking at me, and saying, "Just try some Navajo plying. Just a few minutes."  The phone rang, I needed to get the shop to take the kits over that I had intended to drop off in the morning. I was supposed to be in Don Mills by 5, to be back to the shop by 7, 8 at the latest. This is all very difficult to accomplish if one is mesmerized by the siren song of the Navajo ply.

It simply goes on and on, with no end until you come to the end of the bobbin.

If you thought "I just have to finish this row" could suck you in, Navajo plying is an order of magnitude above that.

Late to the shop, late to the party, no hope of getting back to the shop that night for knit night. But Navajo ply complete

I need to credit the Knitmores ( with the term Potato Chip Knitting (it is basically knitting you just can't put down or can't stop until the bag is finished, so to speak.).  Hence, Navajo plying is Potato Chip spinning...just can't put it down until all of the spinning is finished.