Monday, March 26, 2012


The Christmas Ornament I planned for December is coming along....slowly.
Small things are deceiving... don't be fooled. 80x120 stitches, is 80x120 stitches, and stitched over 1 thread, is actually more work than over is just simply harder to see.  Remember this, remember this every time you think small = fast. This has been a challenge, and will be very nice, and well received by the recipient (I hope)...once finished. It is my Sunday stitching....looks like some time in May when it will be finished, then I need to dive into my real Christmas Ornament exchange stitching, etc.
 But, remember this, small does not equal fast. 

Knitting.... the Simple Lacy Shawl from my previous post is finished, along with a complementary hat, which I need to block. Am also considering handwarmers to match. Have written the pattern, but need to test drive it.

And, the Frozen leaves shawl is coming the home stretch as each row grows. Hope to finish and block it by Saturday....ha, who am I kidding! Well, I still hope.

Stitching...fabric is on frames for Celtic Mystery Sampler and Stitching Studio's Frog, and fabric is cut and ready for the Picaso Cats and Spring Sampler.  But...I am a serial stitcher, and have to really force myself to start a few projects at a time, so will wait until the teeny, tiny, deceptive Christmas ornament is finished; and then I will start 3 or 4 at once.